New Executive Committee -IOBC-NTRS 2023-2027

Dear all, we have the big pleasure to announce that our New Executive Committee -IOBC-NTRS 2023-2027 has been elected! Dr. Fernanda Cingolani from CEPAVE Argentina is the new president of the IOBC-NTRS working with specialists from different Latam countries as part of the Executive Committe! In these elections, 160 people expressed their decision, registering the participation of members from 9 countries of our region (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru). Detailed information regarding these results can be found on the website Please, join us to Welcome and Congratulate the new team elected and to give a special thanks Dr. Germán Vargas as the President of the previous period and all members of the previous Executive committee of the IOBC-NTRS for all the hard work, contributions and efforts to reinforce the IOBC-NTRS´s presence and initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean
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Available Informative report 31 (January 2020).

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