The First International Congress of Biological Control (ICBC-1), May 14-16, 2018. Beijing, China.

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Biopesticides Europe

Biopesticides Europe 2018, 06-07 June 2018, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Biopesticides N-America

Biopesticides North America 2018, 27-28 June 2018, Vancouver, Canada.

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ECE 2018

ECE 2018, XI European Congress of Entomology, 02-06 July 2018, Naples, Italy.

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ICO 2019

The 2019 International Congress of Odonatology, Austin, Texas, 14-18th July 2019

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XV International Congress of Acarology 02-08 September 2018: Antalya, Turkey.

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ISBCW 2018

XVth International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds, 26-31 Aug. 2018, Engelberg, Switzerland

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XXVII Congresso Brasileiro de Entomologia e X Congresso Latino-Americano de Entomologia

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ICBC 2018

1st International Conference on Biological Control: Approaches & Applications, 27-29 Sept. 2018, Bengaluru, India.

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12th International Working Conference on Stored Product Protection (IWCSPP 2018), Berlin, Germany. 07-11 October 2018:

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IOBC-Global Working Group Meeting

IOBC-Global Working Group Meeting:

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XXVI ICE Congress

XXVI ICE Congress 2020, International Congress of Entomology, 19-24 July 2020, Helsinki, Finland.

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